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Produktkategori: Audio Monitorering, Test, Mät & Monitorering
Produktnamn Beskrivning
TSL BBG-1 BBG audio metering, 1 x AES, 1 x Analogue and Hi-res 106 segement bargraph display
TSL MPA1-BD 1RU, analogue inputs, AES digital inputs, internal speakers, dual 26 segment bargraphs
TSL MPA1-AS 1RU, analogue inputs, active internal loudpspeaker system
TSL MPA1-BA 1RU, analogue inputs, internal speakers, dual 26 segment bargraphs
TSL MPA1-S Monitor Plus audio monitor, 1RU, passive internal speakers
TSL AVM-T-MIX Touch screen audio monitoring
TSL PAM PiCo PAM PiCo is a compact, yet comprehensively equipped, standalone audio and Loudness meter featuring the revolutionary StarFish™ surround sound display.
Produktkategori: Audio Processorer
Produktnamn Beskrivning
TSL Soundfield DSF-B Digital Broadcast Surround Microphone package
Produktkategori: MDU - Mains Distribution Units, Installationsutrustning
Produktnamn Beskrivning
TSL MDU12-PM Power Manager Mains Distribution Unit with Ethernet control, latching relays and e-mail alerts
TSL MDU12-PA Power Alert Mains Distribution unit with Ethernet SNMP alarms and e-mail alerts